Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Woo! Go China!

Although I'm writing this under exile having been late getting auto-updates up and running, I want to call all of our attention to the wonderful government of China, which according to Yahoo! News is forcing all Chinese websites to register with the government. Seeing as how this governmet has already jailed 54 owners of sites already registered for "subversive content," I can't imagine why anyone would be hesitant to follow orders here.

In light of considerations of possible FEC regulation of the blogs, it's time to thank China for once again for tossing in a bit of perspective.


Jorge said...

This story is taking off in our class blogosphere (if we have such a thing). I blogged about the China censorship story on my blog, and I've seen it on others as well.

In China, bloggers would share a jail cell, but in America they have the good fortune of sharing their opinions.

Emilienne Ireland said...

Emi testing email reporting.

Mister Toaster, go ahead and delete this.