Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Fundraising Tip: Plug Into Blogging Communities

Winning Campaigns Online talks a lot about offline publicity for the campaign site in order to beef up online fundraising. And while the authors suggest a certain degree of online publicity(in sending regular e-mail and in considering banner ads), the book predates the rise of the blog power.

In our class readings, however, Ireland and Nash point specifically to the fundraising power that Daily Kos proved to have during the Green Party's calls for a recount in Ohio. Ultimately because of the blog's fundraising power, the recount happened (alas, to no avail for Kos et al.).

The Dean clan first noticed Kos' prowess when the campaign started getting a flood of donations with an extra penny attached to the amount. The blogging community used this as their "signature" of sorts to demonstrate their ability to help out a candidate. Of course, Kos was an official Deaniac -- on payroll and everything.

What these examples confirm is that good blog relations can come through in the clutch, with big fundraising bucks to show for it.

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Jorge said...

That's crazy Kos was on payroll for Dean. Maybe that's why he's one of Dean's most fierce defenders!

I think that somewhat damages Kos' credibility.

In music, some of the bands I like are accused of "selling out" to the man and becoming corporate. I've even had friends tell me that they hate XYZ band because they're "sell-outs." Why does Kos not face the same sort of questions?