Sunday, June 19, 2005

Britney to Blame for Spreading Viruses

Britney Spears gets around. At least her name does.

CNN reports that the most common tactic of hackers trying to entice people into willingly downloading damaging viruses is by using the name "Britney Spears." Of course, these viruses are doubly sad because not only do they often cause lots of computer trouble, but they need to trick the emotionally fragile or technologically innocent saps who will actually think they have an e-mail from Mrs. Federline or some juicy scoop about her in their inbox.

Similarly, the Michael Jackson fanatics got a scare last week when a virus was circulating in inboxes claiming to show an alleged suicide note from the King of Pop.

But Jackson wasn't even close to coming in second in this celebrity-virus affair. The Virus Prom King to Britney's queen was Bill Gates. Eww, gross.


Nicole Swann said...

It's really quite appropriate to use tabloid fodder like Jackson and Spears to spread viruses.

Play in the trash and you are bound to get dirty.

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