Thursday, December 30, 2010

Existential crisis (thank you, John Roderick)

This year's year-end list is under construction -- nearing completion. (Scattered applause)

But I just had an existential crisis at the hands of Long Winters frontman, John Roderick.

Mr. Roderick published his "Top 10 Reasons I Hate Year-End Top-Ten Lists," and OK, so dude is right. These things are all basically the same (Yes, we all think Arcade Fire and Kanye would be pretty even without their makeup). And, as he writes, ranking songs -- even from 100 to 1 -- "does not reflect the way we actually experience them."

Well, shit. Do I quit and end a tradition entering its 16th year? I could do that. But then this jumped out at me:

"Ranking things in order of how much you like them is a coping strategy of 9-year-old girls."

Sounds like me. So I'm back at work.

Toaster out.

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