Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Sun Is Only Getting Hotter

>> Featured Artist: Get Him Eat Him

Clocking in at No. 73 in 2005's Toaster countdown, "Mumble Mumble" put Get Him Eat Him on my radar. The guitar-driven pop song is so chock full of hooks that I wasn't sure if it was a fluke - something that could be repeated. Or worse, a formula - something that would only be repeated.

The band prepares to launch its sophomore album next week, and I'm still withholding judgment. The leaked song from Arms Down is once again peppy and poppy - and full of those catchy hooks. While I admittedly really know only two songs by the band, it seems a little strange that both sound remarkably similar - especially in the use of the distinctive warbly vocal effect that lends itself so well to high harmonies. I hope I'm off on this, because I really like both songs outside of the context of the other (and who doesn't like that band name?). I just need to hear more, folks.

>> Album Lookout: Memory Almost Full

Paul McCartney - Due Out: June 5, 2007 (Starbucks)

God, I love Paul McCartney.

The one guy that I would never criticize for signing to Starbucks music label, Paul seems to never have lost his touch for crafting effortless-sounding melodies. The launch of Memory Almost Full, the first Starbucks album for Sir Paul, was kicked into high gear last week when the video for the lead-off track hit YouTube - "Dance Tonight" (YouTube).

This song - the only I've heard from the LP - isn't going to change anything you already think about Paul McCartney. For folks like me, though, it's just nice to hear his voice. The lightness of the tone, the catchiness of the lead, the choice to let Gondry direct the video (and is that Natalie Portman's ghost?), not to mention the cute sketch at the front - all heap on scary reminders that at 64 (going on 65), Paul still has a lot of whatever made him one of the greatest pop musicians of the 20th Century.

>> Reverting to: 1964

Yet another Beach Boys comp hit stores last week just in time for the pools to open. To my relief, though, it's MUCH heavier on the lesser-known, post-Pet Sounds stuff, which has long been my favorite Beach Boys era. Owning all the tracks already, I'm not sure I'll pick up The Warmth of the Sun (except for the odd, too-obvious cover of "California Dreamin'"), but it'd be a great introduction to anyone who's only heard the amusement park-boardwalk hits.

Fittingly, it ends with the title track. Enjoy.

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