Tuesday, June 13, 2006

REVEALED: Gil, whatever that means (pt. 1)

[CORRECTION: Smoosh (pronounced with an "ooh" sound like in "room") rocks.]

O, patient love traders. Your wait is finally over. Gil, whatever that means, the June 2006 release from The Toaster Talks, is out this week. We at the Toaster staff have decided to spread out highlights from the mix over two weeks. What follows are three songs from the first side of Gil.

>> Featured Artist: be your own PET

Hype hype hype (again)! Be forewarned: this band will kick you on your ass. With their thrashing, noise-filled, punky feel and oh-who-the-hell-cares vox, Nashville natives be your own PET is rocking the indie world this month with its recently released, Sleater-Kinney-influenced, self-titled debut.

Yes, it's all very spastic. And, yes, it's all very fun.

"Adventure" debuts the band on a Toaster mix in the Number Five Spot, cos "it's all cool, ya know, cos we're, like, adventurers."

>> Album Lookout: The Avalanche*

Sufjan Stevens - Released: July 25, 2006 Asthmatic Kitty

We think we've said enough. The Toaster hearts Sufjan and can't wait for the Illinois outtakes album. With that in mind, we submit for your enjoyment the horn-laden "The Henney Buggy Band," which also happens to take the coveted fourth track on Gil.

* This is the last of a three-part Sufjan series, previewing the release of The Avalanche.

>> Reverting to: um, 2006

Matt Costa has written the feel-good hit of the spring, as far as The Toaster is concerned. And how great it is that it's a song about winter! When we first got a taste of "Cold December," with that "I've been waiting, pacing the long of halls ever since you left here," we knew it was bound for Gil's front pages. Clocking in as the pivotal third track, Costa sets the tone - light, slightly upbeat and mostly pop-friendly. And Gil never looks back.

"I can't fall asleep 'til your mystery is slowing blowing from the shore." That's right, Gil. That's right. Stay tuned next week for highlights from Gil Side B.

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