Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ill Literacy

>> Featured Artist: Colin Meloy

Not only did Colin Meloy pen
book-nerdiest and best album of 2005, The Decemberists' Picaresque, he also shares his name with a buddy of mine (the last names are differently spelled). And when Mister Toaster talked to him after The Decemberists' 2004 Cleveland show, he had yet to meet another "Colin Meloy." Yet another life altered by the trivial input of The Toaster!!

Sure, a Decemberists concert is not to be missed, but The Toaster and DJBryan got a chance to catch Meloy on his solo tour last winter at Iota in Arlington, Va., and signed a written pact -- scrawled on bread with deli mustard -- never to miss a solo Meloy performance. Naturally, when it was announced he was playing another gig in Arlington next Saturday, the usual suspects decided to honor the pact (which was later consumed) and jumped onto the Internets to purchase tix. "Charlie" is a track off Meloy's tour-only release, Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins!

>> Album Lookout: Sun Sun Sun

The Elected -
Due out: Jan. 24 on Sub Pop

Last week, The Toaster posted the first
of the two Rilo Kiley solo efforts being released Tuesday, and upon further listening and agonizing, decided The Elected's sophomore effort also deserved a shout out.

The Toaster doesn't have a distinct favorite song yet, so it decided to post the most intense Bright Eyes-like of the songs floating out there, "Not Going Home." Love the harmonies on the verses.

>> Reverting to: 1969

"Helplessly Hoping" - Not much to say. Pure beauty here from the harmony masters Crosby Stills & Nash's self-titled debut, which is being re-released Tuesday. This song was a friend's fave, and now it's one of ours.

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